Updated: August 05, 2014 


Past President:  Bob & Inge Ruohoniemi, Nova Scotia

Bob and Inge took up square dancing with the Scotia Dancers club in Halifax, in 1992 after Bob's retirement from the Air Force. They have served as club Presidents, Halifax Metro Association Chairs, Chairs of the NS Provincial bi-annual Festival, and as Presidents of the Square & Round Dance Federation of NS. They chaired a square dance Marketing Seminar, served as Federation Publicity Officer, and Bob was the Federation Newsletter Editor. They have attended Conventions in New England, Toronto, and six Canadian Nationals as well as dancing in Maryland, USA and Germany. They served a Executive Vice-Chairs Marketing for FESTIVAL 2010 in Halifax, NS. They currently serve as Nova Scotia Directors to the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society with responsibilities as noted on the Board of Directors listing. They dance two to three times per week at the Mainstream & Plus levels. They serve as volunteers with several community support groups. Inge and Bob have two sons and 5 grandchildren.


Vice Presidents - Dianne & Eric McCormack, New Brunswick

Dianne & Eric began in the dance movement after graduating 1998 with the Bayswater Weavers found just outside the Grand Bay-Westfield area.  After the club folded they became members of the Fundy wheelers in which they are still members of today.  Dianne & Eric like many in NB got involved with the preparations of Convention 2002 in Saint John.  They came away with the role of Banner Parade coordinators; Eric designed the cover page for the Souvenir Book, the banners for the parade & information banners for the convention.  In 2000 they were part of the founding of the terry fox dance which a charitable dance was held annually to help raise money for the Terry fox foundation.  This dance was held mainly by the dancers in the club Fundy Wheelers then turned over after 5 years to the South Western association in which Eric & Dianne have held the offices of Secretary – Treasurer and President couple in which they have just finished their 3 year term which will end in June of 2010.  In 2003 Dianne & Eric joined the Board of Directors of the federati0n of Dance Clubs of NB, Inc in which they held several positions.  They were appointed to the team to help with the development of the marketing plan to gain and retain dancers.  They have completed their six year term in 2009.  Eric is currently the webmaster of the FDCNB website which he took in 2008.  Eric & Dianne are currently dancing several nights a week; they travel to dances as much as possible and attend as many  conventions.  They currently are dancing at the A1 level and learning their A2 with the Southwest A’s.



Secretary:  John & Lorraine Kozera, Manitoba

John and Lorraine Kozera have been active in the organizational aspects of square dancing since they began dancing in 1977 with the Paws 'n Taws Square Dance Club in Winnipeg,, Manitoba. Many hours of personal time and finances have been invested in the leadership roles at club, association, federation and national levels.

At the club level, John and Lorraine were responsible for the Allemande 8's Square Dance Club's finances, special events and promotion. At this time, we assisted with a very young group of dancers (7 and 8 year olds originating from Lorraine's classroom). As part of the club but a committee onto itself, John and Lorraine chaired the Load the Boat Committee for four years. This involved organizing a weekend dance with a Sunday dance cruise on the Red River.

John and Lorraine served on the Winnipeg Crocus Festival Committee from 1980 to 1986 as Special Events Chair and from 1986 to 1993 as Registration couple. John and Lorraine served on two Canadian National Conventions that were held in Winnipeg. In 1984 John and Lorraine chaired the Public Relations committee - what a wonderful opportunity to develop our public speaking skills; and, in 1992, served as the Registrar Chair - organizing and bookkeeping were very instrumental with this responsibility.

Other events that John and Lorraine organized or helped to organize were: the square dance portion for the Dance-a-Thon Charity Fundraiser; television interview; print media interview; dance entertainment for Folklorama; dance entertainment for an Art and Craft Show; choreographed a square dance routine for the purpose of promoting a record for CKY-TV; developed a Manitoba Square Dance Directory; initiated the production of a Manitoba Square Dance Licence Plate; twice prepared and co-signed a Provincial Proclamation for Square Dance Month; and, square dance jamborees for elementary students in the River East School Division (in Winnipeg)

John and Lorraine served in various capacities at the Association level, Federation level, and, National level. At the Association level they were: Special Events Chair; Promotion Chair, Fitweek Co-ordinators,; Vice-President for two years; President for two years; and, Past President for two years. At the Federation level they were: Eastern Association Representatives; Vice-President; President for four years; Past President; and, continues to serve as Public Relations Chair - preparing certificates, establishing two Crocus Awards, prepared Club Manuals, and, just completed a Callers' Binder containing the various types of bursary and grant information and application forms. At the National level, John and Lorraine came on the Board in 1988 being responsible for Promotional Supplies Advisory Committee Chair; Fetweek Advisory Committee Chair; Constitution Review Chair; and, Secretary from 1990 to the present. Presently, John and Lorraine volunteered to be on the CSRDS Communications Committee.

John and Lorraine truly enjoy every minute that they give to the square dance organization because it has given them a healthful exercise program and an opportunity to meet and work with the many wonderful dancers across Canada and around the world.


Directors:   Bill & Shirley Treleaven, Saskatchewan

Shirley and I have been involved in modern square dancing since our first night of lessons in 1976 we have served on club executives, zone executives, chaired provincial federation and International weekends.  We are long time members of Calerlab and celebrated our 30th year of calling this past year.  Dancing and calling has given us an opportunity to meet and become friends with people from all walks of life and from many different countries.



Directors:  Norm & Loretta Demeule, Alberta

Norman & Loretta started dancing in 1975 with the Merry Mixers Square Dance Club of Fort Saskatchewan, AB, and began calling in 1976.  They have served as Edmonton & District Callers & Instructors Association  (EDCIA) representatives to Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation (ASDRF) for many years.  Also, served as: President Couple ASDRF for a two year term, General Chaircouple for four ASDRF Conventions (1994,1998, 2005,2008), and Program Chaircouple for one ASDRF Convention (2002,2008).  Established several Square Dance Clubs.  Hosted square dance tours to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, & eastern Canada.  Recipients Alberta Rose Award (1999).  Rrecently moved from Fort Saskatchewan, AB, now residing in Camrose, AB. Norman & Loretta have served on the CSRDS Board of Directors since 2002 as Alberta Directors. Norman is presently National Convention Co-ordinator. Loretta is responsible for Special Donations, Memorial Endowment Fund.


Director: Profile of Darcy and Beth McGifford, British Columbia

Beth was a ten square dancer in Ontario for 5 years. Darcy and Beth started dancing together in Yellowknife in 1991.

Since moving to the Okanagan, Beth has held many executive positions:  Secretary, Treasurer, 1st Vice President, President and Past President at club level (Penticton Squares) and continues t be the club auditor and delegate to the Okanagan Square and round Danced Association.

She has been Secretary, 1st Vice President and President of the Okanagan Square and Round Dance Association and delegate to the BC Square and Round Dance Federation.

Darcy became Treasurer of the BC Square & Round Dance Federation 2004.  This is a job that they share with Beth doing the bookwork and Darcy signing the cheques and doing the legwork.

Darcy and Beth have only missed tow National Conventions since 1994.  They regularly attend Provincial and State Festivals in B.C., Alberta and Washington State as well as U.S. Nationals when they are held in the Pacific Northwest.

When the Penticton Squares fold the Penticton Jamboree in 2003 (after 50 years) Beth was on the initiating committee to have a square and round dance festival combined with the Penticton Peachfest which has been continuing each year in August since 2004.  Beth is co-chair of its calling program and became the Peachfest Society Treasurer in 2008.

Still relatively young, they want to see our recreation continue well into the future.  They enjoy dancing and the fun and friendship made of the years.  They’ve also raised a caller, Dustin, who will be 19 this year.